Kerri + Eric met and fell in love in NYC while attending graduate school. After making a decision to return home to Orlando to live close to Kerri’s family, they set their wedding date — June 23, 2021. Their plan was to marry in front of City Hall, since the NY City Clerk’s office is still closed to in-person weddings.

  1. Kerri + Eric registered online for a marriage license, well before their wedding date, as per the NYC Clerk’s office website.
  2. Then, they were instructed to make an appointment online with the office to review their documents, but there was one large challenge. The opportunity to do so happens only once a week, on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. The very limited amount of appointments are taken in less than an hour, assuming the system doesn’t crash.

Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome the City’s compromised system. Nevertheless, they decided to keep their previously-scheduled plan for the photo session — and I’m so glad they did! The weather cooperated and, as you can probably tell by looking at the photos, they were an immense joy to photograph.

Like many newlywed couples in 2020/2021, Kerri + Eric will have multiple “wedding” dates. Kerri’s sister, Lisa, and her boyfriend, Johnny, joined them (see last photo here) on June 23rd for the “wedding photo session” in lower Manhattan, one of K+E’s favorite neighborhoods in New York City. They have since received the marriage license and I wish them the very best!

** If you’re curious about the challenges that most couples face when making appointments with the City during these “uncertain times,” check out the Clerk’s twitter feed.