A compilation of reviews and comments from sites like WeddingWire.com where she has received the Couple’s Choice Award several times to go along with a 5-star rating among reviewers. Some of these testimonials are also excerpted from notes sent directly to Laurie.
Reviews of Laurie Rhodes Photographer on WeddingWire.com

I want to (again) express our sincere gratitude for the amazing job you did with the photography. We feel especially blessed to have found such a talented and thoughtful photographer! I’ve got to tell you that our favorite is the black & white of us kissing down by the water with the amazing view of the city behind! Wow! We had the slideshow playing on our 60 inch television with the in-laws and we all gasped when it came up! A magical photograph! Thanks again! And, If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me. —Alycia
[see photos]

I thought you might like to read the comments my brother and father made after seeing the wedding photos. My brother is an electrician, but he has a degree in photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara and is a very talented photographer.
— Sherry

Here’s what he had to say: Sherry, I have no doubt that your choice of photographers was one of the best aspects to lasting memories of a wonderful day! She is amazing; the color, sepia tone, and black and white all done with style and class. This person really knows what to shoot, I am thrilled for both of you.  Thanks so much for sharing these and a great thing to get in email on Christmas Day!!!

And here’s what my father had to say: What a treat!! I just finished looking through all of the pictures. Wow, the memories you will have with them. Almost every picture has a story behind it. Laurie can certainly be proud of the job she did. It will be a real tough assignment to come of up with ten or fifteen of the special keepers. So many of them show the great joy that your friends and family shared with you on your special day (days.) The candid shots of people¹s expressions and actions are outstanding. The very romantic and charming pictures of you two walking around the park after the ceremony are wonderfully natural. Bravo and cheers!!

Laurie took absolutely the most amazing photographs of our special day. She really captured the mood and feel of the whole day and each guest’s personality really came through in the photos. Every time I look at the photos again, I find a new detail or nuance that she was able to capture. We will both cherish these images for the rest of our lives. —Jennifer  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie, we just finished looking at the albums and they are just perfect! The photos are so crisp and beautiful. You captured such amazing moments that we will be able to remember always. The album itself is so perfect. We think that the metal cover with that photo couldn’t be more us. Thank you so much for the leather case and the small albums. Everyone will have a lot of fun with those! You have guided us through a tough project and we couldn’t have wished for anyone better to have this experience with. Your creativity, talent and professionalism is seen in every aspect of your work! You are amazing!!! Thanks again! —Daniel  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

I found myself addicted to your blog posts. I kept clicking and clicking. You embrace so much emotion in your shots — especially joy & laughter. It is very refreshing. I can feel the couple and I can feel you while looking at these shots. —Viva Max, Wedding Planner

Laurie has an excellent eye for composition and an instinct for capturing moments which you will treasure for years to come! It was a pleasure working with her. She takes the time to get to know your preferences and it clearly pays off in the photos! —Cathy  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie Rhodes came recommended to us by our wedding venue & event planners at The Upper Crust and we were thrilled! We were not interested in having posed photos, so her style of photo-journalism was exactly what we were looking for. Laurie has a great eye and really captured the spirit of us, our wedding and our guests. The process of receiving the finished product was worth the wait! Laurie is personally warm, unobtrusive as you wish her to be, and a pleasure to collaborate with! —Christa  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie Rhodes has been, hands down, our first referral for photography. When a wedding couple engages our services, the first thing we do is recommend calling her to make sure that she is available. Besides her portraiture, her photojournalism is fresh and compelling. She is invisible at the wedding. She moves silently in and out of the series of events to candidly capture all the great moments. The results are phenomenal. And whatever beauty we create is enhanced and captured by her keen eye. Oh, and by the way, she is a kind soul and joy to be around…exactly the person couples want as their shadow on their big day. —Dan Fehlig, Wedding Planner Upper Crust  [see photos on Laurie’s blog of Dan’s wedding, married his longtime partner, Ian]

Dan Fehlig and Jim Weitzman from The Upper Crust, Laurie Rhodes, Jeff Pennington and the countless armies behind them made our dreams come true… From the second we stepped into the venue at 91 Horatio, the second we realized Laurie’s innate ability to capture people’s hearts and souls from the inside out, the second we smelled the first flower, we were hooked. And so were our guests. The team embraced our love of family – our blood relatives and our closest, longest-term friends alike – and worked with us to ensure everyone felt special, felt loved and felt the magic.  —Ellen   [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Just wanted to drop you a little message to say HUGE thanks for our wonderful wedding photographs. We’ve had a brilliant few days re-living the whole day and quite honestly can’t stop beaming! So many lovely memories that you captured so perfectly. So glad we found you! Kindest wishes. —Chloe & Ian Sadler  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie performed her job seamlessly and we were extremely pleased with the results. She seemed to instinctively know where to be at all times. She was able to blend and mingle among our guests to catch lots of wonderful spontaneous moments. We so enjoyed our celebration and having Laurie’s photographic document of it a great way to remember it any time. I have already recommended her to friends in need of a wedding photographer and will continue to so. —Heather  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie is fantastic! My husband and I contacted her, based on a recommendation from the folks at The Upper Crust catering, and general positive word of mouth. We met with Laurie in person six months prior to our wedding, at which time we discussed what we wanted when it came to the style and feel of our wedding photos. We felt comfortable and at ease during the meeting, and left feeling extremely confident that we were in good hands. We contacted Laurie several times in the interim, and she was always quick to return our calls and emails to discuss the details of our special day. About a week or two prior to our wedding, Laurie called us to solidify the specifics of our ceremony, i.e. — order of ceremony, order of entrances and exits, the timeline of the wedding post-ceremony, etc. After that call, we were absolutely certain that our wedding photos were going to be fabulous! On the day of the wedding, Laurie was careful to be present, and capture all of our special moments, while not being intrusive. In fact, this is something that she promised from day one. Laurie made a point to remind us that a photographer that is too intrusive isn’t able to capture natural/candid moments. I am happy to say that she was/is right. She has a wonderful eye that is able to not only capture a moment in time, but also convey the emotions of that moment. Laurie really captured some truly AMAZING moments at our wedding. We’re so happy that we chose her, and we’re honored that she was ready, willing, and able to work with us. I speak for both myself and my husband when I say that we highly recommend her services! —Jeremy  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

It is hard to know how to express how amazing Laurie is. We met her through a friend of ours, whose wedding Laurie did several years ago. This friend STILL, after several years, speaks about how amazing Laurie is and how great the photos are. Our experience with Laurie was a dream. Her work is incredible, (INCREDIBLE!) and the pictures have a realism to them that is hard to believe. She is very responsive and incredibly professional. We had two pre-meetings with her, and both were a pleasure. She did both our party the night before the wedding and then the actual event. She was on time, courteous, and all of the guests loved her. She is on top of everything, but not obtrusive at the same time. When I look at the pictures now, I think “Wait – how did she get that? I don’t even remember seeing her.” Everyone is RAVING about our photos. You can’t go wrong with her, and we can’t possibly say enough good things!”

Simply put, Laurie was fantastic. She listened to our thoughts/vision for the photos and came up with some great location ideas. But, really, finding nice locations was only the first step (and something many people could do). Once on location, Laurie really showed her talent – angles of shots, spots to stand, lighting, catching neat background elements, etc. A great experience — and I’d recommend Laurie to anyone without hesitation. —Davon  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie was great! We knew when we met her she’d be the perfect fit for us. We were really comfortable with her and I was surprised at how fast the sessions went! Our photos turned out great, there are quite a few that we are just in love with. We did NOT want any of the standard shots and preferred candid over staged. Candid is what we got! Along with some formal shots of the family. I’d highly recommend using her. —Khara  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Laurie, Wow! We can’t even tell you how pleased both of us are with the pictures! We’ve both gone through all of them a few times now, and we keep finding more and more that we LOVE! We’re so happy with how you captured all of the subtle details that the two of us see with each other: the lighting, the intimate moments, everything! They’ve received rave reviews from our friends and families too! We can’t wait for you to shoot the wedding; we know it’s going to be amazing. —Max and Laura  [see photos on Laurie’s blog]

Dear Laurie, We just finished putting our wedding pictures online — it was really hard to narrow it down to the best couple hundred! We’ve had amazing feedback on the pictures — everyone said they perfectly captured the wedding and our personalities. You caught so many amazing moments. It was so much fun looking at the photos a nd remembering how much fun we had and what a special night it was for us. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for taking such beautiful photos. We’re going to treasure them for the rest of our lives and hopefully share them with our children and grandchildren. So, thank you for being a part of that. We could not be happier with the photos and with the experience of working with you. THANK YOU! —Sarah and Jason

As an editor at a professional photography magazine, picking a wedding photographer was not easy. Out of all the photographers I contacted, Laurie was responsive, answered all my questions and above all her work is fantastic (and I look at wedding portfolios all day for work!). She always took the time to answer all my questions, spent time with us wanting to know what shots we wanted and she always emailed and called when she said she would. The best part is that the day of our wedding, she was always with us without intruding. I never had to look for her and ask her to take pictures. She was there, ready and anticipating what would happen. Now that we’ve gotten back our images, the quality of her work speaks for itself. Laurie captured how our friends and family look and how we act as a couple. She made us remember all the great moments (since it flew by!) all without intruding on our special day. I would highly recommend contacting Laurie if you want a top notch professional shooting your day. Trust me, no one remembers what the cake tastes like, but everyone will see these images. —Jennifer

I’m thrilled to be able to provide a review for Laurie; she is a joy to work with in every respect. We hired Laurie as the only photographer for our wedding; she was highly recommended to us by Eleanor Ambos, an interior designer in New York City who owns the Metropolitan Building. Laurie was the perfect photographer for us. She was extremely professional in her communication, she listened carefully to what we wanted, she took photographs that captured our wedding perfectly, she was unobtrusive when she was doing it (except when she needed to control a situation in order to get the photo we had asked for), and she delivered beautifully edited and printed photos to us, exactly when she said she would. She is a consummate professional and as such knows that business is not the end-all and be-all — she was engaging and friendly and genuinely interested in collaborating with us. So, it won’t come as a surprise that we recommend her highly! —Matt and Jaquetta

Laurie Rhodes is a gifted photographer. We absolutely love the photos she took at our wedding because they are not the same ol’ same ol’. She captured the essence and spirit in a way that we never could have dreamed. Whenever we show off our album to friends they literally say, These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. We heartily recommend Laurie Rhodes for her professionalism, care and deep commitment to her art. —Jainee

My husband and I married on April 19, 2008 in Brooklyn, NY and Laurie Rhodes was our photographer. We were extremely pleased with Laurie’s services. Everyone has complimented us on the pictures Laurie took. She captured so many special moments and never intruded. Laurie was professional, on time and very helpful throughout the day. She captured our wedding exactly the way we discussed during our pre-selection interviews and exceeded our expectations. Laurie met all the terms of our contract, delivering the pictures on time and following up with us to provide instructions and information. Laurie Rhodes will be an excellent choice for your event. —Larry and Deirdre

I’m writing on behalf of Laurie Rhodes. I’m more than happy to be a reference and highly recommend her services. Beyond the fantastic eye, evident in her work displayed on her website, she is also a true professional. I was married this past May in Connecticut on a farm. Without my asking, she arrived early and took some liberty in photographing the site and various other unique photographs which that are lovely. The collection of photos she presented to me is wonderful and documents the entire event beautifully. The mix of detail shots, actions shots, formal shots, etc. allows me to piece together my own personal tale of a momentous day. She is timely in responding to requests and was ready with my collection of photos by the end of the summer, which will allow me to have books by the holidays. Not an easy feat for a fully booked photographer. You won’t regret your choice if you choose to book Laurie. —Sonia

Laurie came highly recommended to me from the Upper Crust, the location of my wedding, and the event planning team there. I found Laurie to be very professional, easy and pleasant to work with, both before and on the wedding day. She was informative about her craft and her style of photography, which has a certain intimate but casual feel that fit the setting of event perfectly. She paid special attention to the final prints and worked with her lab to ensure that the images were up to her standards and was very flexible with any type of package or service that we wanted. I was extremely happy with the photos that Laurie took and can honestly say every shot of the 420 she showed us were great and keep the fond memory of the wedding fresh in our minds. Laurie is a very talented photographer, who brings a certain type of individuality to her work. I would highly recommend Laurie Rhodes. —Anna

Dear Laurie, I wanted to express my gratitude to you for capturing such beautiful photos of our wedding. You have such an amazing gift of telling our story through your art – photojournalism. You took our vision and executed it perfectly. Thank you for working so efficiently to provide photos to Manhattan Bride magazine – p. 138 looks awesome! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future. —Kimberly

Dear Laurie, Thank you so much for our outstanding photos! We took them straight to my Mom’s where we laughed, cried and enjoyed the night all over again. You truly captured our wonderful day and we can’t thank you enough — you are very talented, professional and great to work with! —Dana and Matt

Laurie, these pictures look fantastic — way beyond our expectations. You have such a good eye and the photos capture so much more than the kids. —Jeff

Laurie, As I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks, I wanted to let you know that your piece is absolutely fantastic.  Each year, the bar gets raised and this year is clearly the best one ever.  I can tell you that we watch these videos almost weekly in our house — which serves as a great source of family fun / pride.  What I can’t tell you, is the joy that these will continue to bring for decades to come….I can only imagine! —Jeff

Laurie, thank you for putting in the wholehearted effort to make our video. Your talents freeze our memories and make them an accessible treasure for us to enjoy repeatedly. So much so that our videos have become part of our children’s lives. We value it so much! —Jeff

First, I can’t tell you how much we love the pictures — you did an absolutely fantastic job, we are so pleased with them! I think the most amazing thing is that you managed to get great photos of everyone in the candid shots, I’ve ever seen a group of pictures where there are great shots of everyone that aren’t posed. We knew we loved your work, but you really exceeded our expectations — thank you so much. —Tracy

Laurie Rhodes is an amazing photographer. Her attention to detail and her desire to achieve beautiful wedding photos for her clients is present in her work. She is gracious and easy going which makes the process enjoyable and comfortable. —Carole

Laurie was one of the photographers our venue had worked with in the past. I emailed her and she immediately emailed me back her slide show, at which point I was blown away! Her style not only captured the important moments of the weddings she shot, but the individual character of each event. I was particularly struck by both the quiet moments she was able to capture and the sense of joy and fun that came across in her pictures. I called her immediately and we spoke at great length. She told me that the most important thing about any vendor is that you feel that you are communicating and that you trust the person. After meeting with Laurie, my fiance and I trusted her completely.

On the day of the wedding (which was about 1.5 hours outside of NYC), Laurie arrived early, prepared and enthusiastic. She had recommended that we take portraits and family photos prior to the ceremony so that we could enjoy ourselves at the reception. We took her advice and were happy we did. After taking what turned out to be beautiful portraits, she encouraged each set of family members to do something goofy. These ended up being some of the best photos we have from our wedding – they completely captured the spirit of our individual family members and were really spontaneous and special.

During the ceremony and the reception, Laurie got amazing shots and managed to make herself completely unobtrusive. Some guests didn’t even realize that we had a photographer there! She captured all of the amazing moments that I remember, and some that I had no idea were happening. Afterwards, she was fantastic to communicate with and we received prints and files in a timely manner (with plenty of time to make holiday gifts for family). We loved working with Laurie so much that I recommend her constantly to friends. When our son was born in 2008, we called her to do a photo session with our new family. I cannot recommend Laurie highly enough. Of all of our vendors, she was by far the most professional, honest and thoughtful. —Erika

Laurie, the pictures are amazing. I’m speechless and still teary eyed over that last one. Seriously. I had to go into my boss’ office with tears in my eyes, showing it to him. And the bus — oh my God. Truly amazing. I love you Laurie!! —Kacey

Laurie, I just had to drop you a note and say how beautiful Kacey’s pictures are ‚Äì I haven’t even gotten to see them all in person yet (but I’m dying to) but she scanned in about 25 or so and they all just look so fantastic and artistic and they all totally captured Kacey and John and the feel of their wedding. She is over the moon happy with all of them! We’re discussing keeping you on retainer and just having you follow us around all day to take pictures of us. —Margo

Hi Laurie, The photos are AWESOME! Thank you so much, you did such a good job. We really love them. You really captured the party, the mood of the day, and a lot of Robert smiling adoringly at me! —Susanne

Laurie Rhodes tackles everything in much the same manner…. with gusto and a real yearning to do the best job possible. I had always noticed the photos she took which adorned the walls of her office at Paramount where she and I had worked together. When she decided to leave her job as an executive at Paramount and pursue photography as her means of livelihood, I had no doubt that she would be a success at that as well as in the entertainment industry. I hired her to shoot my wedding in 1998 and the photos turned out fabulously.

If you know me well, you’d know that I almost never like photos of myself :-O and I am a perfectionist. Well, I was extremely happy with the results. Laurie’s style of documentary shooting is just stunning in her ability to capture a moment, a thought, and an essence in a single photo. She truly loves her work and it shows in the way she interacts with people whether from behind the camera or on the street. I recommend Laurie’s work wholeheartedly! The funniest thing is that the folks who hire Laurie to shoot their weddings, end up hiring her again to shoot their babies photos in a year or two following the wedding! —Judy