Valentine’s Day is a marker in the calendar, a time more than any other when couples get engaged. In that spirit, I present some of my favorites engagement photo sessions from 2021. These four couples were so much fun to photograph, they exude an unmistakable exuberance that makes me smile every time I look at the photos. Some photos included here are ones that I have not shared previously on my blog or via social media, until now. I hope you enjoy!

About engagement photo sessions: “In that little window of time, tiny little miracles happened. Because in that tiny little window of time, you found someone. And they found you. You fell in love. They fell in love with you. And you both chose to make a life with each other.” This quote by G.E. Masana is one of my favorites.

Without the time and location pressures of a wedding, engagement sessions allow for multiple backdrops and outfits. It is a relaxed way to etch your memories from a specific time and place.

If you’re newly engaged, please contact me with questions and session availability. I’d love to chat with you!

Emma and Richie

Kristina and Gavin

Evie and Max

Iliana, Alex, and Fernando