A Destination Wedding Photo, Deconstructed


“What is your first thought when you see this image?” That’s the question that I ask clients who upon seeing this image, exclaim “I saw that on your website, I love that photo!.”

Taken in the South of France (a great place to go for a destination wedding, btw!) as the wedding party assembled before the ceremony, this image seems to have a magic quality that draws people in.

  • “There’s so much going on”
  • “The colors…”
  • “I love the dresses!“
  • “I like that the girl on the right is looking at the camera but the other girl is looking at the woman”
  • “It reminds me of that famous painting by Degas.”

These are just a sampling of the comments I’ve received which have led me to believe that it is the perfect photo for me to use in the branding of Laurie Rhodes Photography.

I welcome your thoughts about the photo.