The story of Darbie and Dave’s love affair began while Darbie was singing at Opryland’s Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and Dave was in the orchestra. Careers intervened and they went their separate ways. Years later, they met up at a reunion for Opryland and this time it was forever!

In line with their theme of the roaring 20’s, Darbie and Dave chose the Back Room, located in the East Village, one of only two speakeasies in New York City that operated during the Prohibition, where all beverages are still served in oversize coffee cups!

CEREMONY: Cop Cot in Central Park
RECEPTION: The Back Room
FLOWERS: Martha, Darbie’s Mom

Musicians at the ceremony:
Julie Foldesi, Guitar
Harry Hassell, Flute
Suzy Perelman, Violin
Laura Bontrager, Cello

Musicians at the Reception:
Chris Biesterfeldt, Guitar
Matthew Rybicki, Bass
Eric Halverson, Drums